Insurance Coverage For Appliance Repairs: A Guide

Insurance can be painful to think about since it usually means something has gone very wrong. However, it is thanks to insurance that you can avoid paying for costly issues, from complex surgeries to home restorations. Insurance coverage is also important to think about when the time comes for home appliance repairs.

After all, it’s also important to know how much you will need to pay for the services. Insurance coverage for appliance repairs needs to be understood so you know exactly how much you will need to pay for these services. Keep reading this blog to learn more about insurance coverage for appliance repairs.

Insurance Coverage For Appliance Repairs: A Guide

Insurance coverage for appliance repairs is not entirely straightforward and can vary depending on the appliance and the circumstances that require repairs. Here is a more comprehensive breakdown of appliance repair coverage:

Homeowners Insurance

You wouldn’t be the first person to assume that homeowners insurance might cover your appliance repairs. In reality, homeowners insurance will only cover appliance repairs under very specific circumstances. These circumstances, known as covered peril, include damages resulting from fires, lightning, windstorms, hail, smoke, theft, or sudden accidental water leakage. Only then will homeowners insurance be used to pay for appliance repair and replacement services.  However, if you’re appliance breaks down due to wear and tear, age, or other mechanical issues, homeowners insurance will not be applicable.

insurance coverage for appliance repairs

Personal Property Coverage

When it comes to insurance coverage for appliance repairs, personal property coverage is a type of homeowners insurance that can be used on appliances that can be plugged into a wall. As a result, this insurance policy can be used for repairing and/or replacing refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, and other non-built-in appliances. That said, most plans will likely only allow for this coverage to be used if the damages fall under any kind of covered peril. That’s why you want to make a point of taking time to thoroughly understand your insurance policy.

Dwelling Coverage

Finally, dwelling coverage is a part of homeowners insurance that deals with appliances that are built into the property. Some examples of appliances that qualify for this coverage are furnaces, air conditioning systems, ovens, stoves, microwaves, and many others. This coverage is also only applicable if the damages fall under a covered peril. 

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Now, you’re probably wondering if any plans cover damages from a non-covered peril. Luckily, that’s where equipment breakdown coverage comes into play. This policy needs to be added to your homeowner’s insurance. It can be used to cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns in appliances. Not all equipment breakdown coverage plans are the same, so talk to an insurance representative for more information before making this addition to your homeowner’s insurance. 

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We hope this blog has helped you gain a better understanding of insurance coverage for appliance repairs. The different facets of homeowners insurance and the benefits of equipment breakdown coverage will allow you to know just how much you might need to put aside to pay for your next appliance service. That said, you also want to know which appliance repair team will not only provide the best repair and replacement services but also help you devise the best payment solution. 

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